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Furnace Repair or Installation? Can Broken Heat Exchanger be

Furnace repair or new Furnace installation?

Should you spend money on Furnace repair or install a new Furnace once and for all?

Well, a lot of times these decisions depend on how much budget you have.  New Furnace installation is of course an expensive purchase, and a lot of people want to just spend less money and have the old furnace repaired.  But sometimes it is just not worth the repair.  If you are a homeowner in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, or Richmond, or any of the greater Vancouver area, you might just want to also consider the government rebates available in your area too.

If your furnace broke down due to a broken heat exchanger, then you are out of luck for repair.  In many cases, replacing the heat exchanger can cost nearly as much as to install a new furnace – you have to disassemble the whole furnace in order to change the heat exchanger, so the cost for the part as well as the labour can be very high.  Yet in the end, you will still be left with an old furnace which may fail again, so many heating professionals would just simply advise you to change the furnace.

Now the problem with broken or cracked heat exchanger is that Carbon Monoxide (or CO) can leak out from the crack into your rooms.  We covered the dangers of CO leak in the previous post, and we know it must be dealt with seriously and as soon as it’s found.  This is one of those times when you definitely don’t want to take any chances.