What to Consider in New Gas Furnace

It is that time of the year when every household needs to turn on its house heating and ensure the comfort and warmth in the rooms.  During this busy holiday season when all your families and friends gather to celebrate, the last thing you want is to have your guests and family feeling cold and uncomfortable inside the house!  So what happens if your old furnace suddenly decides to break down and stops running in the middle of the night?

It’s very important to have your furnace cleaned and maintained at the beginning of every heating season to make sure you can have a smooth and worry free winter.  Just because the machine was working fine last winter does not mean it will for this winter, and the big mistake that a lot of homeowners make is to cut-back at the cost for regular annual heating maintenance.  Once the machine breaks down, there is no turning back and you will need to either repair it, or worse comes to worst, you might even have to replace the whole thing.

Changing a furnace is a costly process.  When your old furnace reaches the end of its life-span and you need to make a decision for installing a new one, there is a number of things that need to be considered which will decide the cost of installation.  We will discuss some of those factors at the sections below.

Possible Furnace Cost Factors:

First, the location of the furnace in your home is an important cost deciding factor.  It may not sound like much at first, but if your furnace is fixed at a hard-to-access part of the home, or the doorway to the furnace is too narrow for the new machine to be installed, or there is not enough room for technicians to move about and work, all these possible issues will raise the cost for your installation.

The condition of your existing furnace duct system is another factor that needs to be considered.  The duct system is what carries the warm air from your furnace throughout your house.  Old ducting can be leaky and non-efficient.  There may be additional duct work that has to be done with the new furnace installation.

Exhaust piping is also a common issue.  New furnaces now use PVC piping for venting exhaust, and if your house has the old system with the chimney venting, there is for sure extra work to be done to accomodate the new furnace.

Of course the type and model of the Furnace machine you want to install is a big cost factor.  There are much more factors the heating professionals consider in quoting on an installation, but we will leave those details for another time for now.  It is important to remember that each household has its own unique circumstances, and professionals are not able to give accurate quote for installation prices until an onsite evaluation has been done to determine your specific system needs.  You may try to get a number of quotes from different companies offering the service, and this means each company will have to send their own professional to your house to do the assessment.  Keep in mind though, the quality of contractor is also very important.  With good quality contractor naturally comes with a cost, but you will also pay later for troubles of poorly done work by places offering cheaper deals.  The judgement is up to you as the homeowner, but why go through trouble to find out the quality is the best in the end?