Boiler repair and furnace installation

When it comes to furnace repair and heat pump repair, customers are often unsure whether or not they should repair or replace the heating system they currently own. The truth is most times replacement can be completely avoided by taking care of your current furnace system. Neglect of a heating system ultimately results in a damaged heating core rendering the system inoperable. Maple Furnace has several programs and heating and cooling services available for such customers. The process starts with an on-site visit from one of our certified technicians. We will come to your home, analyze your existing system and provide you with a report that will give you an in depth look into the system’s current condition. When that’s done, we’ll be able to tell you which of our furnace repair or installation services you need. In most cases we have found that a simple tune-up and full cleaning is all your heat pump system needs to be in top shape!

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Keeping You Warm

Maple Furnace offers a variety of HVAC services that include AC and heating installation, repair and replacement, maintenance, and inspection. Our experts offer both commercial and residential services for clients in and around the great Vancouver area.

Our expert team at Maple Furnace brings the same expertise, experience and professionalism to heating and other HVAC services that we are renowned for when it comes to plumbing.

Our team offers assistance with a variety of residential or commercial HVAC system services including system repair, furnace check, inspection and cleaning.

For the last 20 years, Maple Furnace has brought the excellent HVAC experience for all our customers in Burnaby BC. We will be happy to take up any new project that involves repair, replacement and development of new systems, installation of new heating and cooling system for new construction and in existing properties and remodeling projects that involves replacement or repair of boiler, furnace, heat pump and Hot Water Tank…

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Get Furnace Service Today!

Get Furnace Service Today!

When heating equipment is not maintained or installed properly, your energy cost can be higher. Let us help you lower your energy cost.

Our Services

Our Services

Some of our services include: Fireplace repair and maintenance, Boiler maintenance & installations, Hot Water Tanks repair & installation, Tankless Water Heaters installation, Air ducts & Dryer Vents Cleaning.



There are various ways of saving money on your furnace repairs, tune-ups, cleaning and safety inspections. Get coupons and save money with Maple Furnace!


Commercial Heating:

Maple Furnace team specializes in commercial HVAC services that include heating system repair, rooftop unit repair & installation, and central heating system maintenance.

A heating system doesn’t work efficiently if it has faulty components, dirty furnace or a mechanical problem. Due to a problem in your heating system, you may end up paying a lot in energy bills.

Our HVAC specialists inspect and install new central heating systems, clean furnaces and repair faulty parts if any. We also take up new commercial projects that need a custom-tailored approach for installation of a new HVAC system. Our team handles everything from planning to designing and even offers post servicing assistance.

Residential Heating:

Most of everyday clients look for residential HVAC and heating services and assistance. Our HVAC specialists offer maintenance and inspection plans. We understand the importance of emergency HVAC needs.

Thus, our special emergency team handles all types of urgent HVAC and heating system appointments 24/7. Our expert team will ensure to keep your home temperature regulated during the harsh cold season. Contact us today for a project estimate.


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