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Do you ever wonder how your hot water at home is heated?

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about this until you notice there is no hot water.

Hot water tanks can heat large amounts of hot water depending on the heating system There are many different types of hot water tanks available for you depending on your house size and heating system type. you can also utilize a highly-efficient hot water heater by either adding it into your existing boiler or utilizing it as an add-on to a new boiler.

Maple furnace is the trusted expert provider of service, repair and installation of hot water tanks. This means we will fix your problems in the most economic manner, meeting and exceeding your expectations.

The Benefits of today’s hot water tank are:

  • Reduced energy usage, reduced costs and unlimited amounts of hot water on demand.
  • The hot water tank will only call for the boiler to turn on when hot water is needed.
  • Highly efficient hot water generation by transferring heated energy.

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